Our Family

Hello, welcome to our family!

Ryan:  husband, father, leader, provider
Ryan started working at a local factory right after high school and has been there for almost six years now.  He is a wonderful provider (working 56-60 hours a week when overtime is available!) and an even more wonderful spiritual leader.  I have grown so much in the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and application of God's Word since we've been married.

Jessica:  wife, mother, homemaker
 I graduated from Purdue University in May of 2010, spent three weeks in the Philippines teaching young children Bible stories and another six weeks traveling around Europe before finding my amazing husband and taking on the blessing-filled roles of wife and homemaker. 
Tyler:  child, joy
Here is what baby looked like at 6 weeks!  Baby was only 3mm and already had a heartbeat!!

Here is baby at 20 weeks!  I just love that little hand already waving at momma and daddy!

Tyler is growing and growing - and right on schedule!  We're very excited to meet our little man in January.  We have no doubt he will be a beautiful addition to our family.


  1. Good luck and God bless you both.

    1. Thank you. :) Just a couple more months until our little guy will be here!