Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Update - 2nd OB Appointment

Well, we made it!  The first trimester is complete!  We heard a good, strong heartbeat yesterday at my OB appointment, so all seems to be going well!  We met my doctor at this appointment and she seemed very nice and pleasant to work with.  The only thing she seemed a little concerned about is my slow weight gain.  She said they might have me start eating high-calorie snacks like peanut butter and cheese.  So, we'll see.  I just need to remember to eat!


  1. Protein, Protein, Protein and fat, fat, fat...essential for baby's developing muscles and brain. Milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt. I never realized how important fat was on a developing baby until I starting going to our Bradley Method birthing classes!

  2. If you're interested, Bradley is a 12 week course, so I suggest finding an instructor now.