Monday, August 6, 2012

4 Months and counting!

Well, baby and I are moving right along!  Baby is growing, moving, and listening to me as I talk about our day.  It's so exciting to feel him/her moving inside me!  

Sunday evening was our monthly Song Service where we worship.  After 45 minutes of singing, one of the men gave a short lesson.  Little Baby Pugh was moving like crazy the whole time he was up there!  It was such a wonderful feeling to experience!  

My mind kept wondering what was going through baby's mind.  Did he/she like the singing?  Was he/she glad we stopped?  Were my lungs crowding him/her while I was singing and was he/she happy I was out of his/her space?  Definitely can't wait to meet our little one!


  1. I remember thinking all those things when I was pregnant with my little ones! It is a miraculous feeling when they are wiggling around inside but it's also amazing to watch as they form their own personalities and become little people. Best of luck in your pregnancy :) Love the new site btw.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing those sweet words! We are looking forward to seeing character and personality develop in our little one! I'm pretty fond of the new site as well. I feel it suits my personality better, too.