Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Pugh Gender and Name Reveal!

Yep!  God has blessed us with a little boy!  We are very excited about meeting our son and seeing who he will grow to be.  Watching him move around during the ultrasound was amazing!  He already has lots of energy and would hardly stay still long enough for the technician to take the pictures she was needed take!  He did pose for some really cute shots though.

Within the first week we found out we were expecting we had names picked out.  We're naming our son after two men who have been a great influence in our lives, especially Ryan's.  The first name comes from his best friend, whom he helped bring to Christ and baptized.  He recently moved 2.5 hours away to preach for a congregation in Southern Indiana.  He and his wife are amazing and have their own precious son, who will probably be one of our sons best buddies.  The middle name comes from our local preacher who has had a tremendous influence on our spiritual growth and is someone we both hold in very high regard.  Our son's name is:
Knowing the gender of our child has helped the pregnancy become more real for both of us, especially Ryan.  It's fun to call our son by name and to look at baby boy clothes in the stores.

Praying God will bless us with the wisdom and understanding needed to raise our son in such a way that he will learn to love God, trust Him, and to develop his own personal faith so that he can live his life as a faithful follower of Christ.

God bless!

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