Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The scripture behind Blissful Keeper at Home

As many of you are aware, I launched a new blog this month with the name "Blissful Keeper at Home."  I spent a lot of time considering different ideas and words to use in my blog name.  Here are some of the criteria I had come up with:
  1. Inspired by God's Holy Word.
  2. Convey the fact that I have joyfully accepted and embraced the role God has given me.
  3. Encompass the entirety of topics I plan to post about (being a godly wife and mother, housekeeping, organizing, cleaning, decorating, planning, teaching, and being a woman professing godliness).
One evening over supper I shared a couple ideas I had with my husband.  He didn't seem to think they flowed very smoothly (I didn't really think they did either).  I asked him if he had any suggestions.  He suggested I pull the phrase "keepers at home" from Titus 2:5 (KJV).  This was perfect!  This verse along with the one proceeding it wraps up pretty much everything I wanted to blog about.  Now we just had to find a way to incorporate a word or phrase that conveyed the idea that I am truly happy as a homemaker and pursue this role with willingness and joy of heart.  After some research and the use of a thesaurus we came up with "Blissful Keeper at Home."  I fell in love with the new blog name and am so thankful my wonderful husband encouraged me to consider the admonitions Paul urges Titus to share with the older women, that they might teach the younger women to have these qualities (Titus 2:3-5).

Over the next several weeks I plan to do in-depth word studies to help myself better understand and apply these admonitions.  Please follow along so you can learn with me as I strive to grow into the woman God desires me to be. 

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