Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Month of Cleaning: Day 10

 Lower cabinets between fridge and corner.  I thought it made more sense to have the Mountain Dew stock next to the fridge than across the room.  Also, I've gone back to washing dishes by hand (we have super hard water and even with a rinse agent our dishes still have hard water spots when washed in the dishwasher) so I wanted to use the drying rack for it's intended purpose.  A couple baskets from the Dollar Tree made for a fine replacement...actually, they work better because they hold more!

 Under the sink were my kitchen cleaning supplies and a tub for recycles.  I decided to move all my cleaning supplies into the kitchen and create a space for me to store the dish drainer when I want it to be out of sight.  Still haven't found a good system for our recycles, though.

 The built-ins between the kitchen and dining room were a hodge-podge of whatever.  Now the small kitchen electronics are all together (except the electric skillet which I just got from my mom), the crock-pots are all together, and this space is much more organized, thanks to more bins from the Dollar Tree.

 Didn't change a whole lot here, just cleaned out the extra that didn't really belong.  The white basket holds a variety of recipes that are waiting to be stored in a binder of sorts.  But that's a project for when we have some extra $$, so in the basket they will sit.

 I have a tendency to save glass jars, large cans and plastic coffee containers for "that organization project down the road."  However, the kitchen isn't the most practical place to store them.  They all have been relocated so I can make better use of the cabinet space.

 I didn't change a whole lot in these cabinets.  Mostly just did some tidying up and a little re-arranging.  Thy are working pretty well for me, though I do have some plans for them down the road.

Things aren't perfect, but they're much improved.  Adding a few storage bins from the Dollar Tree really helped.  Once I have some more money to spend I'd like to add some more storage to the inside of the cabinet doors for things like aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  All in good time. :)

Happy Organizing!

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