Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SPRING! - Decor on a dime!

It seems that Spring has already arrived here in Indiana, and so it's time to create a warm, sunny atmosphere inside the Pugh home!

Since my husband works 56+ hours a week at a factory so I can stay at home and be the homemaker God desires me to be, I try to make each dollar stretch as far as possible to show him I value the hours he spends working to provide for us.  With this in mind, I searched the house for items I could re-purpose as decor pieces and found several glass bottles/jars I had washed out and saved.  I also remembered seeing several projects on Pinterest where people had used paint sample cards from a local paint department.

On my next trip out I stopped by the paint department and picked out some springy paint sample cards.

I decided I wanted to spell the word "Spring," one letter per glass jar.  Fortunately, I had ample glass jars to choose from, and in a variety of sizes.  I arranged the jars how I thought they would best showcase my letters and please the eye.  This is the arrangement I came up with.
Next, I arranged my paint sample cards somewhat randomly.  I didn't want there to be a pattern to the color arrangement because I wanted it appear "relaxed."

I then went to my laptop to find a font!  After trying out several fonts, this is the one I chose:
 I set my laptop on the table next to me and using a paint pen, painted the letters on the paint samples I had select.

Once the paint was dry, I simply slid the cards into the glass jars.  I curled them just a little to get them into the jars without bending them.
A few days after I finished the project I picked up some spring flowers from The Dollar Tree and added a couple to the "SPRING" piece by sliding the stem of the flower behind the paint sample card.

My final product! ...and the only cost was the flowers!

Our Spring Mantle

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