Friday, June 8, 2012

Master Bath

When my husband and I registered for our wedding, he insisted on a purple bathroom.  He'd always dreamed of having a purple bathroom.  And so...a purple bathroom we had!  Here is what our bath looked like in our apartment.

 My sweet Hubby has given me more "free reign" in decorating our new home and I have no intention of painting our bathroom walls purple!  In fact, we haven't done any painting in our new house.  We only lived in our apartment for about 3 months before we found our house, and only two more months before we actually moved.  In those first short 3 months we had only finished painting the living room and started painting the bathroom.  Our landlord gave us the option to finish painting with the paint we had already purchased, instead of re-painting the work we had already done.  We ended up making a few trips back to the apt to finish painting after we moved into our house.  Thus we were not any too eager to start another painting project.  A year later and we still haven't done any painting.

Here is what our master bath looks like now.

Bathroom To-dos:
  1. Hang double towel rod.
  2. Hang toilet paper holder.
  3. Hang towel ring by sink.
  4. Add wall shelf above toilet.
  5. Re-paint trim and walls.
  6. Instal new shower walls (They aren't sealed which led to a horrendous mold problem.  We haven't used this shower since mid-March.)
  7. Instal new faucet.
  8. Instal new shower fixtures.
  9. Instal new lighting.
  10. Buy new bath mats.
  11. Hang hook for towel next to shower.
  12. Hang new matching towel ring.


  1. Much more elegant and stylish!!! Thanks for coming by LCD!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by JH! I have so many ideas for our bathroom (as well as the rest of our home)! Just waiting for the $$ to do them.

  2. Haha...not sure I expected to read that your husband insisted on purple! Too funny! Looks like you are making great progress on the new bathroom!

    1. I had no idea he would such strong opinions on home decor either! Imagine my surprise when we went to register together! It was a whirl-wind of an experience to say the least. :P But we made it through and have grown so much since then! Thanks for your kind comments! :)