Saturday, June 9, 2012

Master Bedroom

Yesterday I shared with you Apartment vs. New House photos of our master bath.  Today I would like to share with you our master bedroom.

Here's what we had in our apartment.

Note:  The painting is not yet completed, we didn't finish painting the bedroom until we moved into our house.  The wall behind the dresser and the wall facing the bed would eventually all be the same blue as the wall with the window.  The wall behind the bed we painted a light tan color.

And, here's our bedroom now:

View from corner by closet door and clock.  We're currently using a light blanket (much cooler for the spring and summer months) instead of the matching comforter. (We don't have central air and try to use the window unit in our bedroom sparingly)

 View from corner with bathroom door.  We decided to have the TV in the bedroom because we like to cuddle in bed while we watch movies.  We don't receive any television/cable services and only watch movies once or twice a month, so this works for us right now.

Close up of picture frames on dresser.  (Left)  Photo collage with a picture from our wedding and the first flowers Ryan every bought me along with scriptures about sleeping/resting peacefully.  (Right)  One of our favorite engagement photos.  Flowers I wore in my hair on our wadding day accent the photos.

 A close up of my jewelry storage/display using a variety of glass pieces and a jewelry box

Bedroom To-Dos:
  1. Add headboard so we can place the bed in front of opposite window.
  2. Add tall dresser for Ryan (So I can take over the dresser we currently have. :P)
  3. Add matching night stands. (I currently don't even have one, not that there's room for it now anyway.)
  4. Add two more curtain panels, one for each window.  (We currently only have one panel per window.)
  5. Paint wall behind bed. (I am thinking of using this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils)
  6. Give trim and other three walls a fresh coat of paint.
  7. Add more wall decor.
  8. Add bench at the end of the bed.

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