Friday, June 1, 2012

Patriotic Printables!

My husband and I have decided that every three months I would change the decor in our living room and on the porch.  We broke down the year by seasons.  This is the schedule we came up with:
  • December-February:  Winter, Snow, Snowmen etc.
  • March-May:  Spring, Flowers etc.
  • June-August:  Summer, Patriotic, Stars etc.
  • September-November:  Autumn, Pumpkins, Leaves etc.
Due to some news we learned in early May, my mind has been very focused on matters other than our up until this morning I had yet to really begin working on our summer decor.

Here's some patriotic printables I created this morning.  Feel free to download them and use for your personal use!

Happy 1st Day of June!


  1. Oh these are so cute! I love printables :) thank you! I'm glad I found your blog!


  2. Thanks, Britt! Printables are so much fun! I'm a big fan of them, too, and love it when I stumble upon cute free ones! I'm glad you found my blog, too! I really like the name of your blog. Proverbs 31:10-31 is an excellent passage for wives/mothers to meditate on and strive for. :)