Saturday, September 22, 2012

Entry Table Drawer Organized!

Remember this post where I showed you our entry table and that horribly messy drawer that held items we don't even use?

Here is a reminder of that messy, non-functional drawer:

And this post where I made these adorable organizing trays?

Well, here is my freshly organized drawer using those cute trays!

Major improvement!  We can easily find what we're looking for and it's super cute!

I took everything out that we don't use regularly and replaced it with other items we use more frequently:  Return address labels and stamps, USB cables, flash drive, laptop power source adapter, camera charging adapter,  outlet cell phone chargers (my cell phone charger goes in the empty spot to the right of my husband's) outlet adapters, and chalk and cloth for writing on my entry chalkboard.

Our entry table is in a fairly central location in our downstairs and there's an outlet underneath that makes it a practical place for us to store and use these chargers.  Also, since I've kept a minimal amount of items stored in the drawer it's very easy for use to maintain this level of organization.  We hardly ever opened this drawer before, now we use it almost every day!

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