Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Planning Sheet

My mind has been going about a-mile-a-minute the past few weeks, coming up with ideas for projects much faster than I can even begin to complete them.  To help me keep track of these projects, I created this little planning sheet. 

These sheets allow me to quickly jot down my ideas, materials I think will be needed, and materials I already have.  I also included a spot for me to record the "start" and "complete" date for each project. (Hopefully this will motivate me to finish them in a timely manner!)  I printed off 3 of these sheets and have already filled up 11 of the 12 project sections.  Some of the projects I included are ones I started months ago, so they won't have an accurate start/complete date.  However, this will help me remember to actually finish them.

Feel free to print them for your personal use. :)

Happy Homemaking, Crafting, DIYing and Blogging!

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