Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OperationOrganize: Office/Craft Storage Closet

Today I'm sharing with you the before pictures of my office/craft storage closet.  This space isn't functional in it's current state, as you can well see from the piles of "stuff" all cluttering this space.  This closet is under the stairs and so that makes it a difficult space to work with, at least for an adult.

Before I begin sharing the long process of making this space functional, let's take a tour of the dysfunctional mess I've lived with for almost 17 months.

 The top shelf was here when we moved in.  The bottom shelf, that hasn't been painted yet, we added (my dad cut it to size for me.)  I added an over the sink shelf to try to increase the storage capacity of the shelves.

 Working with a slanted ceiling is difficult when trying to maximize storage.  I have yet to find a solution that works well for me.

As of right now I don't really have a filing system that works well for me.  The purple bankers box is something I've had since college.  It doesn't exactly suit the space, but it's been working.  I file all "last year" papers here.

Thankfully, the cart holding the printer and the printer have already been relocated.  So this opened up some floor space.  But didn't do a whole lot else for the space.

Here are my plans for the space:
  1. Hang clear shoe organizer on door to store small office/craft items.         See here!
  2. Develop new system for paper organization.  See here!
  3. Re-arrange plastic drawers so the space is more functional.  See here!
  4. Re-organize plastic drawers to maximize space.  See here!
  5. Designate space for "Office" and "Craft" supplies, etcSee here!
  6. Cover cardboard with wrapping paper and place inside drawers to create a streamlined look, concealing the contents of the clearish drawers.  
  7. Add labels so we can easily find what we're looking for.
  8. Paint bottom shelf white.
  9. Spray paint other supply holders so they all match/coordinate.
  10. Hang cork board on wall to hang important notes, pictures, etc.
I have lots to do!  I hope to have this project completed by mid-October.  We'll see what the pregnancy will allow me to accomplish. :)

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